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Rental Services

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$125 Per Wall

Chiara Wall

Choose from a 7ft x 4ft wall,

6ft x 3ft wall, & 3ft x 5ft. 

Multiple Color Options

Get all 3 for $399.

Copy of $225- Balloons White Pedestals- (2).png
$150 Per Wall

Sweet Wall

6ft x 3ft wall.

Perfect for sweets or champagne. Fits 35

champagne flutes easily.

$12 Per Chair

Gold Chiavari Chairs

Gold Chiavari Chairs

with your choice of

White or Black Covers.

balloon garland rental

Balloon Garland

 Balloons of All Sizes and Your Choice of Up to Three Different Color Balloons.


Round Rattan Chair

Round Rattan Chair.

Gold Circle Arch for Rental

Gold Circle Arch

7.2 Foot Gold Circle Arch. Decorated with Balloon Swag or Selected Floral.

Copy of $225- Balloons White Pedestals-.png
$45 Per Pedestal

Square Pedestals

Choose from a 3ft x 1.5 ft,

2.5ft x 1.5ft, & 2ft x 1.5.

Get all 3 for $125



White pressed Linens for

60" Rounds or 6ft Rectangles. 

Ask Us About Color Linens $20

baby block box rental

Baby Box

Baby Box With Your Choice of Up To Three Different Color Balloons.

Customizable Balloon Column

Balloon Columns

(x2) 6 Foot Columns With Your Choice of Up to Three Different Color Balloons.

$12 Per Stand

Plant Stands

Choose from a 24",32",40" tall wooden plant stand. Floral arrangements not included.


$12 Per Light

Up Lighting

 High Accent Up Lighting with Barrel Type Spotlight Decorative Spotlife with 4 Color Options.

$50 Per Number

Marque Numbers

4 Foot Tall Marque Numbers. Perfect for any birthday party.

wicker chair rental

Wicker Chair

Large Wicker Chair with Floral Decor.


Mimosa Bar

Mimosa Includes 3 different seasonal berries, 3 juices, & champagne for up to 30 guests.

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