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Elopement Packages

Because you deserve an experience!
Having an intentionally intimate, authentic wedding experience where the focus on the day is actually about you two as a couple.
A very popular alternative to going to the local courthouse is exchanging the coldness for a moment to remember at Marry Me Minimonies.

Simple License Signing

Similar to a casual, informal courthouse service. Including simple vows in our comfortable conference space, plus​ signing of your marriage license, and many photo opportunities.
$75.00 +tax

Elopement/ Intimate Wedding 

Elopements don't mean running away in secrecy, they absolutely can, but think more of an intimate wedding where it's the two of you and up to 6 guests. We will pick the perfect spot, usually a park in the warmer weather (hello free venue) or in Marry Me Minimonies wedding studio (thank goodness for air conditioner). We will draft a personal ceremony and we can do a quick FaceTime chat or in person consultation to get to know each other and then on your wedding day we will perform the ceremony and sign your license. 

$299.00 +tax

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